1. Apgar score an assessment of the physical condition of a newborn infant
  2. underscore give extra weight to
  3. chiaroscuro the arrangement or interplay of light and dark in an artwork
  4. picaresque (of fiction) involving clever rogues or adventurers
  5. hygroscope hygrometer that shows variations in the relative humidity of the atmosphere
  6. fourscore being ten more than seventy
  7. gyroscope rotating mechanism in the form of a mounted spinning wheel
  8. Hipsurus caryi Pacific coast fish
  9. bog rosemary wiry evergreen shrub having pendent clusters of white or pink flowers; of wet acidic areas in Arctic and Canada to northeastern United States
  10. cigar smoker a smoker of cigars
  11. spike arrester electrical device inserted in a power line to protect equipment from sudden fluctuations in current
  12. microscope magnifier of the image of small objects
  13. threescore being ten more than fifty
  14. musical score a written form of a musical composition
  15. Peter Seeger United States folk singer who was largely responsible for the interest in folk music in the 1960s (born in 1919)
  16. outscore score more points than one's opponents
  17. epacris any heathlike evergreen shrub of the genus Epacris grown for their showy and crowded spikes of small bell-shaped or tubular flowers
  18. synchroscope an instrument that indicates whether two periodic motions are synchronous (especially an instrument that enables a pilot to synchronize the propellers of a plane that has two or more engines)
  19. Epacris impressa spindly upright shrub of southern Australia and Tasmania having white to rose or purple-red flowers
  20. Alectoris graeca of mountainous areas of southern Europe

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