Use the adverb anyway to mean "at any rate" or "however." If you don't make the chess team at school, you might say, "I don't really have time for chess anyway."

There are different ways to use anyway, but it most commonly confirms an idea or a viewpoint: "Most people already have their dogs on leashes, but it's good to have the leash law anyway." You can also use it to emphasize your sincere desire to get an answer: "Why are you here anyway?" or to talk about something happening despite efforts against it: "I told her to go home but she stayed anyway."

Definitions of anyway
  1. adverb
    in any way whatsoever
    “get it done anyway you can”
    synonyms: anyhow
  2. adverb
    used to indicate that a statement explains or supports a previous statement
    anyway, it's gone”
    anyway, there is another factor to consider”
    synonyms: anyhow, anyways, at any rate, in any case, in any event
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