anatomical sphincter

Definitions of anatomical sphincter

n a ring of muscle that contracts to close an opening

sphincter, sphincter muscle
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physiological sphincter
a sphincter that is not recognizable at autopsy because its resting arrangement cannot be distinguished from adjacent tissue
anal sphincter, musculus sphincter ani, sphincter ani
the sphincter muscle of the anus
musculus sphincter urethrae, urethral sphincter
a striated sphincter muscle that constricts the urethra
bladder sphincter, musculus sphincter vesicae
the sphincter muscle of the urinary bladder; made up of a thickened muscular layer of bladder around the urethral opening
musculus sphincter ductus choledochi
the smooth muscle sphincter of the common bile duct
musculus sphincter ductus pancreatici
the smooth muscle sphincter of the main pancreatic duct
musculus sphincter pupillae, pupillary sphincter
a ring of smooth muscle surrounding the iris
musculus sphincter pylori, pyloric sphincter, pyloric valve
the sphincter muscle of the pylorus that separates the stomach from the duodenum
cardiac sphincter
the valve between the distal end of the esophagus and the stomach; the physiological sphincter at the esophagogastric junction
Type of:
muscle, musculus
one of the contractile organs of the body

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