In a scientific sense amorphous means lacking a crystalline structure, something without solid form. In a broader sense, the word describes anything that lacks a distinct shape or organizing theme, be it a work of art, a political movement, or even someone's direction in life.

The Latin roots of this word are clear — morph means form and a- means lacking. Lacking form. When used to describe creative works or ideas, it usually refers to a lack of organization and would rarely be considered a compliment. If your writing is amorphous, it's probably not fully formed. An amorphous crowd of people seem to be random and unconnected, until they all start dancing the macarena in unison.

Definitions of amorphous

adj having no definite form or distinct shape

amorphous clouds of insects”
formless, shapeless
not having form or shape

adj without real or apparent crystalline form

“an amorphous mineral”
amorphous structure”
uncrystallised, uncrystallized
not crystalline

adj lacking the system or structure characteristic of living bodies

lacking the properties characteristic of living organisms

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