Amorphous means without a clearly defined form, like the moon's amorphous reflection in a lake. Figuratively, something amorphous lacks focus, be it a work of art, a political movement, or even someone's life plans.

The Greek roots of this word are clear: morphē means "form," and a- means "lacking or without." When creative works or ideas are described as amorphous, it means they suffer from a lack of organization. An amorphous object lacks a well-defined outline or structure, like amorphous jellyfish drifting on the surface of the ocean. And scientifically, this adjective simply describes something without a crystalline form, like an amorphous metal or amorphous ice.

Definitions of amorphous
  1. adjective
    having no definite form or distinct shape
    amorphous clouds of insects”
    synonyms: formless, shapeless
    not having form or shape
  2. adjective
    without real or apparent crystalline form
    “an amorphous mineral”
    amorphous structure”
    synonyms: uncrystallised, uncrystallized
    not crystalline
  3. adjective
    lacking the system or structure characteristic of living bodies
    synonyms: unstructured
    lacking the properties characteristic of living organisms
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