Definitions of amide

n any organic compound containing the group -CONH2

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acetamide, ethanamide
a colorless solid amide of acetic acid used as a solvent and in the synthesis of organic compounds
a white crystalline amide of propenoic acid can damage the nervous system and is carcinogenic in laboratory animals
amide combining the amino group of one amino acid with the carboxyl group of another; usually obtained by partial hydrolysis of protein
propanamide, proprionamide
the amide of propionic acid (C2H5CONH2)
peptide released from the amino end of fibrinogen by the action of thrombin to form fibrin during clotting of the blood
a peptide containing 10 to more than 100 amino acids
a neurochemical occurring naturally in the brain and having analgesic properties
Type of:
organic compound
any compound of carbon and another element or a radical

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