Something that's amateurish is done by someone who's not an expert. Your amateurish attempt at baking might result in a lopsided pink cake, for example.

If your handmade dress is amateurish, it won't look like you bought it in a department store. When a brand new teacher makes an amateurish try at getting his class's attention, he doesn't exactly sound like an authority figure. At the heart of amateurish is the noun amateur, or "beginner." The oldest meaning of amateur is "lover of something," from the Latin amatorem, "lover," although by the late 1700's it came to mean "dabbler," or not a professional.

Definitions of amateurish

adj lacking professional skill or expertise

“a very amateurish job”
amateur, inexpert, unskilled
not characteristic of or befitting a profession or one engaged in a profession

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