If you read something aloud you use your voice, not just your eyes. You might feel shy reading your poems aloud in front of strangers.

Aloud used to mean "very loudly," but now we use it to mean "speaking voice" as opposed to the silent voice of our thoughts. You might have to read something aloud to your grandmother if she's having trouble with her eyes. If you accidentally said something that you meant to keep to yourself, you were thinking aloud. If something is terribly painful, you might cry aloud — unable to contain yourself.

Definitions of aloud
  1. adverb
    using the voice; not silently
    “please read the passage aloud
    synonyms: out loud
  2. adverb
    with relatively high volume
    “cried aloud for help”
    synonyms: loud, loudly
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    quietly, softly
    with low volume
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Commonly confused words

allowed / aloud

If you're allowed to eat cookies after dinner but your brother isn't, don't say it aloud. To be allowed to do something is to have permission, but to say something aloud is to speak it.

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