An alienated person feels estranged or divided from others, like a shy bookworm sitting in a group of enthusiastic sports fans.

The word alienated comes from the Latin alienus, which means "of or belonging to another place" — like an alien! A person who feels alienated may not actually be from another place (or planet), but he sure feels that way. You may feel alienated from your friends if they have all decided that punk rock is the greatest thing on earth, but you are still loyal to the classic rock that you all used to love.

Definitions of alienated
  1. adjective
    caused to be unloved
    synonyms: estranged
    not loved
  2. adjective
    socially disoriented
    “we live in an age of rootless alienated people”
    synonyms: anomic, disoriented
    not having position or goal definitely set or ascertained
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