Other forms: airlines

An airline is a company that owns and operates a fleet of planes. You might pick an airline for your trip to Hawaii based on who sells the least expensive tickets.

The airline is the business that maintains airplanes for commercial and business travel. Some people have a strong preference for one airline over another — you may enjoy flying with the airline that provides homemade cookies to its passengers, for example. Baggage handlers, flight attendants, and pilots all work for an airline. The original, 1813 meaning of airline was quite different: "a straight line between two points on the earth's surface."

Definitions of airline
  1. noun
    a commercial business that provides scheduled flights for passengers
    synonyms: airline business, airway
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    type of:
    a commercial organization serving as a common carrier
  2. noun
    a hose that carries air under pressure
    synonyms: air hose
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    type of:
    hose, hosepipe
    a flexible pipe for conveying a liquid or gas




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