air travel

Definitions of air travel
  1. noun
    travel via aircraft
    synonyms: air, aviation
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    flight, flying
    an instance of traveling by air
    acrobatics, aerobatics, stunt flying, stunting
    the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft
    blind flying, blind landing
    using only instruments for flying an aircraft because you cannot see through clouds or mists etc.
    flying in a balloon
    fly-by, flyover, flypast
    a flight at a low altitude (usually of military aircraft) over spectators on the ground
    glide, gliding, sailing, sailplaning, soaring
    the activity of flying a glider
    maiden flight
    the first flight of its kind
    a flight by an aircraft over a particular area (especially over an area in foreign territory)
    a flight or run by an aircraft over a target
    a flight in which the aircraft pilot is unaccompanied
    (military) an operational flight by a single aircraft (as in a military operation)
    low level flight, terrain flight
    flight at very low altitudes
    type of:
    travel, traveling, travelling
    the act of going from one place to another
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