On water skis she was agile and made sharp turns and long arcs cutting through the water, but she was a lot less agile on the snowboard, landing on her face and hands as she clunked down the slopes.

People and things can be agile, or quick and graceful. Car commercials talk of "agile handling," and nature-shows feature spry creatures who survive by being agile among more slow-footed and clumsy animals. Human and virtual minds also earn the description agile when they're sharp and grasp ideas or reason with speed and easy logic. Things that are agile often are thought to be light, but even heavy machines like trains and large people like sumo wrestlers can be agile.

Definitions of agile
  1. adjective
    moving quickly and lightly
    “sleek and agile as a gymnast”
    synonyms: nimble, quick, spry
    characterized by energetic activity
  2. adjective
    mentally quick
    “an agile mind”
    synonyms: nimble
    having the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree
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