An agenda is a list of things to do. If you're going to attend a meeting with a long agenda, you'll want to take your coffee mug along.

The word agenda is the plural for of the Latin word agendum, which literally means "something to be done." The noun retains this meaning because an agenda is a plan — organized by time — of events or things to do. You might have a meeting, a lunch date, and a doctor's appointment on your agenda for the day. And when you run for office, you better have a political agenda — or a plan for what you want to get done if elected.

Definitions of agenda
  1. noun
    a list of matters to be taken up (as at a meeting)
    synonyms: agendum, order of business
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    order of the day
    the order of business for an assembly on a given day
    order book, order paper
    a printed copy of the order of the day
    type of:
    list, listing
    a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics)
  2. noun
    a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to
    synonyms: docket, schedule
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    fare, menu
    an agenda of things to do
    type of:
    plan, program, programme
    a series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished
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