Afield means at a far distance. When you go far afield, you travel a very long way.

If your job takes you halfway around the world, you can say that you work far afield, and if you and your siblings live on different continents, your family is spread far afield. You'll almost always see the word "far" before afield, since it describes long distances. The word was originally a contraction of the Middle English in felde, from the Old English on felda, "in the field."

Definitions of afield
  1. adverb
    far away from home or one's usual surroundings
    “"looking afield for new lands to conquer"- R.A.Hall”
    synonyms: abroad
  2. adverb
    off the subject; beyond the point at issue
    “such digressions can lead us too far afield
  3. adverb
    in or into a field (especially a field of battle)
    “the armies were afield, challenging the enemy's advance”
    “unlawful to carry hunting rifles afield until the season opens”
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