To adjourn is to close a session of something, like at court. People also adjourn when they go to bed.

When something is adjourned, it's over. This word comes up most often in court. Lawyers and citizens don't have the power to adjourn — to call a recess in the proceedings. Only a judge can adjourn the court. This can also be used in any situation where someone is withdrawing from somewhere, or retiring for awhile. "I must adjourn!" is a fancy way of saying "I'm out of here! I need to get some sleep. See you tomorrow."

Definitions of adjourn

v close at the end of a session

“The court adjourned
break up, recess
Type of:
cease, end, finish, stop, terminate
have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense; either spatial or metaphorical

v break from a meeting or gathering

“We adjourned for lunch”
retire, withdraw
seclude, sequester, sequestrate, withdraw
keep away from others
adjourn by royal prerogative; without dissolving the legislative body
Type of:
close, close down, close up, fold, shut down
cease to operate or cause to cease operating

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