Definitions of acarine
  1. noun
    mite or tick
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    any of two families of small parasitic arachnids with barbed proboscis; feed on blood of warm-blooded animals
    any of numerous very small to minute arachnids often infesting animals or plants or stored foods
    hard tick, ixodid
    ticks having a hard shield on the back and mouth parts that project from the head
    argasid, soft tick
    tick lacking a dorsal shield and having mouth parts on the under side of the head
    web-spinning mite
    a mite that spins a web
    very small free-living arachnid that is parasitic on animals or plants; related to ticks
    mite that in all stages feeds on other arthropods
    mite that as nymph and adult feeds on early stages of small arthropods but whose larvae are parasitic on terrestrial vertebrates
    acarus, genus Acarus
    any of several mites of the order Acarina
    itch mite, sarcoptid
    whitish mites that attack the skin of humans and other animals
    rust mite
    any of several varieties of mite that burrow into plants and cause a reddish-brown discoloration on the leaves or fruit
    spider mite, tetranychid
    web-spinning mite that attacks garden plants and fruit trees
    type of:
    arachnid, arachnoid
    air-breathing arthropods characterized by simple eyes and four pairs of legs
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