Abortion is a surgical procedure that ends a pregnancy. In the United States, the public debate over a women's right to have an abortion is a complex and heated political issue.

The words abort and abortion can also apply to non-pregnancy related topics. If you are in the middle of a jewel-heist and the alarm on the vault is tripped, you and your partners in crime might opt to abort the plan and run while you can, debating whether the plan's abortion was a good decision or not later.

Definitions of abortion

n termination of pregnancy

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miscarriage, spontaneous abortion, stillbirth
a natural loss of the products of conception
induced abortion
a deliberate termination of pregnancy
habitual abortion
repeated spontaneous abortion (often for no known reason)
imminent abortion, threatened abortion
the appearance of symptoms that signal the impending loss of the products of conception
incomplete abortion, partial abortion
termination of pregnancy without expulsion of all of the products of conception
aborticide, feticide
the act of destroying a fetus
therapeutic abortion
a legally induced abortion for medical reasons (as when the mother's life is threatened)
suction curettage, vacuum aspiration
a method of induced abortion; prior to the 14th week of gestation the embryo and placenta are removed by applying suction to the dilated cervix
Type of:
conclusion, ending, termination
the act of ending something

n failure of a plan

Type of:
an event that does not accomplish its intended purpose

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