An abbey is a church that's part of a monastery or convent. You'll often find monks or nuns in an abbey.

There are a few types of abbeys, but they're all related to intense religious dedication. An abbey can be a monastery or convent, which is either composed of monks or nuns who have withdrawn from society to live a life of poverty and chastity. You can also call a church associated with a monastery or convent an abbey. That type of abbey will be run by the monks or nuns but also open to other churchgoers.

Definitions of abbey
  1. noun
    a church or building associated with a monastery or convent
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    type of:
    church, church building
    a place for public (especially Christian) worship
  2. noun
    a convent ruled by an abbess
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    type of:
    a religious residence especially for nuns
  3. noun
    a monastery ruled by an abbot
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    type of:
    the residence of a religious community
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