1. by design with intention; in an intentional manner
  2. design the act of working out the form of something
  3. hypothesis a tentative insight that is not yet verified or tested
  4. redesign design anew, make a new design for
  5. undersign sign at the bottom of (a document)
  6. job description description of the responsibilities associated with a given job
  7. appetising appealing to or stimulating the appetite especially in appearance or aroma
  8. ensign a person who holds a commissioned rank in the U.S. Navy
  9. Eptesicus a genus of Vespertilionidae
  10. pound sign a symbol for a unit of currency
  11. bedesman a person who is paid to pray for the soul of another
  12. wide screen a projection screen that is much wider than it is high
  13. wide-screen projected on a screen with much greater width than height
  14. undesigned not done or made or performed with purpose or intent
  15. appetizing appealing to or stimulating a desire for eating
  16. optician a worker who makes glasses for remedying defects of vision
  17. V sign a sign ; making a V with the index and middle fingers
  18. windscreen transparent screen to protect occupants of a vehicle
  19. assign select something or someone for a specific purpose
  20. input signal signal going into an electronic system