When you give someone extra compassionate, thoughtful attention, you provide TLC, or "tender loving care." When you're sick in bed with the flu you might need soup, tea, tissues — and some TLC.

The acronym TLC was first used in print around 1953. Some accounts attribute its first use to nursing care in hospitals, but the history isn't clear. That would make sense, though, since sick people don't need just medicine, but also TLC to thrive. You can provide TLC to a friend who's grieving or a pet nearing the end of its life, just by being there for them.

Definitions of TLC
  1. noun
    considerate and solicitous care
    “young children need lots of TLC
    synonyms: tender loving care
    see moresee less
    type of:
    aid, attention, care, tending
    the work of providing treatment for or attending to someone or something
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