1. staple fiber a natural fiber that can be twisted to form yarn
  2. staple fibre a natural fiber that can be twisted to form yarn
  3. double dipper someone who draws two incomes from the government
  4. soluble glass a viscous glass consisting of sodium silicate in solution
  5. double over bend over or curl up, usually with laughter or pain
  6. double bar notation marking the end of principal parts of a musical composition; two adjacent bar lines
  7. soluble RNA RNA molecules present in the cell (in at least 20 varieties, each variety capable of combining with a specific amino acid) that attach the correct amino acid to the protein chain that is being synthesized at the ribosome of the cell (according to directions coded in the mRNA)
  8. tall bellflower annual or perennial of eastern North America with long spikes of blue or white flowers
  9. soluble capable of being dissolved in some solvent
  10. natural fiber fiber derived from plants or animals
  11. animal fiber fiber derived from animals
  12. sensory fiber a nerve fiber that carries impulses toward the central nervous system
  13. plant fiber fiber derived from plants
  14. stable factor a coagulation factor formed in the kidney under the influence of vitamin K
  15. glass fiber a very thin fiber made of glass that functions as a waveguide for light; used in bundles to transmit images
  16. solubility the quality of being easily dissolved in liquid
  17. solubleness the property of being dissoluble
  18. simple phobia any phobia (other than agoraphobia) associated with relatively simple well-defined stimuli
  19. apple of Peru coarse South American herb grown for its blue-and-white flowers followed by a bladderlike fruit enclosing a dry berry
  20. double feature two games instead of one