1. social unit an organization regarded as part of a larger social group
  2. socialised under group or government control
  3. socialized under group or government control
  4. socialite one who is well known or prominent in fashionable circles
  5. socialist advocating the state ownership of industry
  6. sociality the tendency to associate with others and to form social groups
  7. social phobia any phobia (other than agoraphobia) associated with situations in which you are subject to criticism by others (as fear of eating in public or public speaking etc)
  8. social event an event characteristic of persons forming groups
  9. sisal hemp a plant fiber used for making rope
  10. socialistic advocating or following the socialist principles
  11. soul mate someone for whom you have a deep affinity
  12. sublimed passing or having passed from the solid to the gaseous state (or vice versa) without becoming liquid
  13. sickle medick European medic naturalized in North America having yellow flowers and sickle-shaped pods
  14. slimed covered with or resembling slime
  15. social affair a gathering for the purpose of promoting fellowship
  16. social movement a group of people with a common ideology who try together to achieve certain general goals
  17. saw palmetto small hardy clump-forming spiny palm of southern United States
  18. city limit the limits of the area occupied by a city or town
  19. social lion a celebrity who is lionized (much sought after)
  20. social work any of various services designed to aid the poor and aged and to increase the welfare of children

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