1. scarcely only a very short time before
  2. scarcity a small and inadequate amount
  3. Scartella a genus of Blenniidae
  4. crystal a solid having a highly regular atomic structure
  5. scandal a disgraceful event
  6. sacristan an officer of the church who is in charge of sacred objects
  7. cursedly in a damnable manner
  8. crustal of or relating to or characteristic of the crust of the earth or moon
  9. chrysotile a grey or green fibrous mineral
  10. versatile having great diversity or variety
  11. ice crystal small crystals of ice
  12. scarlet a variable vivid red color, sometimes with an orange tinge
  13. sacristy a room in a church where religious objects are stored
  14. gristle tough elastic tissue found in meat
  15. Scorsese United States filmmaker (born in 1942)
  16. christly resembling or showing the spirit of Christ
  17. christella any of several tropical ferns of the genus Christella having thin brittle fronds
  18. Sara Teasdale United States poet (1884-1933)
  19. swagger stick a short cane or stick covered with leather and carried by army officers
  20. discursively in a rambling manner