Definitions of Protestant
  1. noun
    an adherent of Protestantism
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    WASP, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant
    a white person of Anglo-Saxon ancestry who belongs to a Protestant denomination
    adherent of Anabaptism
    Christian Scientist
    a member of the Protestant church founded in the United States by Mary Baker Eddy
    follower of Baptistic doctrines
    a member of the Congregational Church
    Nonconformist, chapelgoer
    a Protestant in England who is not a member of the Church of England
    a Protestant who is a follower of Anglicanism
    a member of the Episcopal church
    a supporter of fundamentalism
    Jehovah's Witness
    believer in imminent approach of the millennium; practitioner of active evangelism
    Latter-Day Saint, Mormon
    a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
    a follower of Wesleyanism as practiced by the Methodist Church
    a member of a society founded in Ireland in 1795 to uphold Protestantism and the British sovereign
    Pentecostal, Pentecostalist
    any member of a Pentecostal religious body
    a follower of Calvinism as taught in the Presbyterian Church
    a member of a group of English Protestants who in the 16th and 17th centuries thought that the Protestant Reformation under Elizabeth was incomplete and advocated the simplification and regulation of forms of worship
    a member of an Anabaptist movement in Holland noted for its simplicity of life
    Dunkard, Dunker, Tunker
    an adherent of Baptistic doctrines (who practice baptism by immersion)
    a follower of Wesleyanism
    Northern Baptist
    a member of the American Baptist Convention
    Southern Baptist
    a member of the Southern Baptist Convention
    type of:
    a religious person who believes Jesus is the Christ and who is a member of a Christian denomination
  2. noun
    the Protestant churches and denominations collectively
    synonyms: Protestant Church
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    Pentecostal religion
    any fundamentalist Protestant Church that uses revivalistic methods to achieve experiences comparable to the Pentecostal experiences of the first Christian disciples
    type of:
    Christian church, church
    one of the groups of Christians who have their own beliefs and forms of worship
  3. adjective
    of or relating to Protestants or Protestantism
    Protestant churches”
    “a Protestant denomination”
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