1. prudent marked by sound judgment
  2. patient enduring trying circumstances with even temper
  3. pedantic marked by a narrow focus on or display of learning
  4. patent a document granting an inventor sole rights to an invention
  5. blatant without any attempt at concealment; completely obvious
  6. student a learner who is enrolled in an educational institution
  7. potent having or wielding force or authority
  8. penitent feeling or expressing remorse for misdeeds
  9. bed-wetting enuresis during sleep; especially common in children
  10. Palatinate a territory in southwestern Germany formerly ruled by the counts palatine
  11. portent a sign of something about to happen
  12. pectinate like a comb
  13. patinate coat with a patina
  14. palatinate a territory under the jurisdiction of a count palatine
  15. pedant a person who pays too much attention to formal rules
  16. potentate a powerful ruler, especially one who is unconstrained by law
  17. pup tent a wedge-shaped tent; usually without a floor or windows
  18. pack tent a tent that can be carried in a backpack
  19. debutante a young woman making her formal entrance into society
  20. pretend make believe with the intent to deceive