1. operational casualty loss of military equipment in field operations
  2. operational cell a terrorist cell that performs clandestine activities
  3. operation code the portion of a set of operation descriptions that specifies the operation to be performed; the set of operations in a computer
  4. irrational hostility extreme prejudice
  5. operationalist of or relating to or espousing operationalism
  6. operating statement a financial statement that gives operating results for a specific period
  7. operating system (computer science) software that controls the execution of computer programs and may provide various services
  8. Operation Desert Storm the United States and its allies defeated Iraq in a ground war that lasted 100 hours (1991)
  9. operating capital capital available for the operations of a firm (e.g. manufacturing or transportation) as distinct from financial transactions and long-term improvements
  10. operational pertaining to a series of actions for achieving a result
  11. operating cost the expense of maintaining property
  12. operationally in respect to operation
  13. operationalism (philosophy) the doctrine that the meaning of a proposition consists of the operations involved in proving or applying it
  14. operating table table on which the patient lies during a surgical operation
  15. operatic star singer of lead role in an opera
  16. operational damage loss of military equipment in field operations
  17. operations financial transactions at a brokerage
  18. operating surgeon a physician who specializes in surgery
  19. alliteration use of the same consonant at the beginning of each word
  20. operating budget a budget for current expenses as distinct from financial transactions or permanent improvements