1. inference a conclusion you can draw based on known evidence
  2. infringe advance beyond the usual limit
  3. in front at or in the front
  4. os frontale the large cranial bone forming the front part of the cranium: includes the upper part of the orbits
  5. overnight bag a small traveling bag to carry clothing and accessories for staying overnight
  6. environment the totality of surrounding conditions
  7. frontage the extent of land abutting on a street or water
  8. overindulge overeat or eat immodestly; make a pig of oneself
  9. infrangible difficult or impossible to break or separate into parts
  10. confrontation discord resulting from a clash of ideas or opinions
  11. unforgettable impossible to dismiss from the mind
  12. unprintable unfit for print because morally or legally objectionable or offensive to good taste
  13. infra dig beneath your dignity
  14. unfortunate marked by or resulting in bad luck
  15. unrentable not able or fit to be rented
  16. infuriating extremely annoying or displeasing
  17. unwarrantable incapable of being justified or explained
  18. confront oppose, as in hostility or a competition
  19. effrontery audacious behavior that you have no right to
  20. serendipity good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries