1. genus Armoracia horseradish
  2. Makaira mazara large game fish in the Pacific Ocean; may reach 1000 pounds
  3. countermeasure an action taken to offset another action
  4. genus Armillaria genus of edible mushrooms having white spores an annulus and blue juice; some are edible; some cause root rot
  5. necromancer one who practices magic or sorcery
  6. genus Aramus genus of large brown long-billed wading birds found in warm swampy regions of the western hemisphere: courlan; limpkin
  7. sensorimotor of or relating to the sensory and motor coordination of an organism or to the controlling nerves
  8. Lonicera morrowii a grey deciduous honeysuckle shrub paired white flowers turning yellow; Japan
  9. linear measure a unit of measurement of length
  10. square measure a system of units used to measure areas
  11. Louis Armstrong United States pioneering jazz trumpeter and bandleader
  12. Anser anser common grey wild goose of Europe
  13. genus Armeria shrubby or herbaceous low-growing evergreen perennials
  14. genus Rumohra leatherleaf ferns: in some classifications included in genus Polystichum
  15. seismosaur huge herbivorous dinosaur of the Cretaceous found in western North America
  16. disarmer someone opposed to violence as a means of settling disputes
  17. Cancer magister small edible crab of Pacific coast of North America
  18. genus Ormosia genus of tropical shrubs and trees having usually odd-pinnate leaves with large leaflets and pink to reddish wood
  19. ceramic ware utensils made from ceramic material
  20. genus Arisarum tuberous or rhizomatous perennial herbs