A Muslim is a believer in the religion of Islam. If you're a devout Muslim, you observe the holiday of Ramadan by fasting during the day for a month.

Muslims believe that the word of God is written in the Qur'an, the Islamic holy book, and they follow the teachings of the prophet Muhammad. Most Muslims place a lot of importance on the idea of serving God through prayer and certain standards of purity, like not drinking alcohol or eating pork. In Arabic, the word Muslim means "one who submits," from the root word aslama, "he resigned."

Definitions of Muslim

n a believer in or follower of Islam

youngest daughter of the prophet Mohammed and wife of the fourth calif Ali; revered especially by Shiite Muslims (606-632)
the fourth caliph of Islam who is considered to be the first caliph by Shiites; he was a cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad; after his assassination Islam was divided into Shiite and Sunnite sects
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an orthodox Muslim
a Muslim who is involved in a jihad
Shi'ite, Shi'ite Muslim, Shia Muslim, Shiite, Shiite Muslim
a member of the branch of Islam that regards Ali as the legitimate successor to Mohammed and rejects the first three caliphs
Sunni, Sunni Muslim, Sunnite
a member of the branch of Islam that accepts the first four caliphs as rightful successors to Muhammad
one of the Muslim people of north Africa; of mixed Arab and Berber descent; converted to Islam in the 8th century; conqueror of Spain in the 8th century
a member of a secret order of Muslims (founded in the 12th century) who terrorized and killed Christian Crusaders
a Muslim woman of high rank in India or Pakistan
calif, caliph, kalif, kaliph, khalif, khalifah
the civil and religious leader of a Muslim state considered to be a representative of Allah on earth
fakeer, fakir, faqir, faquir
a Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk who is regarded as a holy man
hakeem, hakim
a Muslim physician
a Muslim ruler or governor or judge
imam, imaum
(Islam) the man who leads prayers in a mosque; for Shiites an imam is a recognized authority on Islamic theology and law and a spiritual guide
a Muslim engaged in what he considers to be a jihad
an Islamic scholar who engages in ijtihad, the effort to derive rules of divine law from Muslim sacred texts
Mollah, Mulla, Mullah
a Muslim trained in the doctrine and law of Islam; the head of a mosque
a Muslim woman
(historically) a Muslim who opposed the Crusades
a Muslim who represents the mystical dimension of Islam; a Muslim who seeks direct experience of Allah; mainly in Iran
Wahabi, Wahhabi
a member of a strictly orthodox Sunni Muslim sect from Saudi Arabia; strives to purify Islamic beliefs and rejects any innovation occurring after the 3rd century of Islam
an ascetic Muslim monk; a member of an order noted for devotional exercises involving bodily movements
an observant Muslim woman who covers her face and hands when in public or in the presence of any man outside her immediate family
Type of:
religious person
a person who manifests devotion to a deity

adj of or relating to or supporting Islamism

Islamic, Moslem

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