1. mundane found in the ordinary course of events
  2. mental involving the mind or an intellectual process
  3. mandala any of various geometric designs symbolizing the universe
  4. Mandela South African statesman who was released from prison to become the nation's first democratically elected president in 1994 (born in 1918)
  5. mandola an early type of mandolin
  6. Mendel Augustinian monk and botanist whose experiments in breeding garden peas led to his eventual recognition as founder of the science of genetics (1822-1884)
  7. sundial timepiece that indicates the daylight hours by the shadow that the gnomon casts on a calibrated dial
  8. menial relating to unskilled work, especially domestic work
  9. mannitol a diuretic used to promote the excretion of urine
  10. Mandalay a city in central Myanmar to the north of Rangoon
  11. mantel a shelf that projects from the wall above a fireplace
  12. Mantell English geologist remembered as the first person to recognize that dinosaurs were reptiles (1790-1852)
  13. medial relating to or situated in or extending toward the middle
  14. mentally in your mind
  15. mantle a sleeveless garment like a cloak but shorter
  16. mandible the jaw in vertebrates that is hinged to open the mouth
  17. minutely in painstaking detail
  18. monodical having a single vocal part
  19. Munda a family of languages spoken by people scattered throughout central India
  20. Mantle United States baseball player (1931-1997)