1. concealment the condition of being hidden
  2. instalment a part of a broadcast serial
  3. entailment something that is inferred
  4. enrolment the act of enrolling
  5. installment a payment of part of a debt
  6. enslavement the act of making slaves of your captives
  7. mensal line a crease on the palm
  8. genus Limanda a genus of Pleuronectidae
  9. genus Allamanda genus of tropical American woody vines
  10. enrollment the act of enrolling
  11. instilment the introduction of a liquid drop by drop
  12. annulment an official or legal cancellation
  13. inclement severe, of weather
  14. complement something added to embellish or make perfect
  15. compliment a remark expressing praise and admiration
  16. congealment the process of congealing; solidification by freezing
  17. mole salamander brownish-black burrowing salamander of southeastern United States
  18. genus Limenitis mainly dark northern butterflies with white wing bars
  19. commencement the act of starting something
  20. embezzlement the fraudulent appropriation of funds or property