1. maulers large strong hand (as of a fighter)
  2. Mauser German arms manufacturer and inventor of a repeating rifle and pistol (1838-1914)
  3. mus rose erect Old World perennial with faintly musk-scented foliage and white or pink flowers; adventive in United States
  4. Masters United States poet (1869-1950)
  5. manners social deportment
  6. mouser a cat proficient at mousing
  7. Maseru the capital of Lesotho; located in northwestern Lesotho
  8. masseuse a female massager
  9. maser an acronym for microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation; an amplifier that works on the same principle as a laser and emits coherent microwave radiation
  10. muser a reflective thinker characterized by quiet contemplation
  11. misery a state of ill-being due to affliction or misfortune
  12. miser a stingy hoarder of money and possessions
  13. masseur a male massager
  14. Passeres two names for the suborder of typical songbirds
  15. mysterious beyond ordinary understanding
  16. Sayers English writer of detective fiction (1893-1957)
  17. mazer a large hardwood drinking bowl
  18. macer an official who carries a mace of office
  19. thesaurus a book containing a classified list of synonyms
  20. muse reflect deeply on a subject