1. large number a large indefinite number
  2. carnivore a terrestrial or aquatic flesh-eating mammal
  3. baryon number a number equal to the difference between the number of baryons and the number of antibaryons in any subatomic structure; it is conserved in all types of particle interactions
  4. inventory a detailed list of all the items in stock
  5. Marianne Moore United States poet noted for irony and wit (1887-1872)
  6. Laurence Stephen Lowry English painter (1887-1976)
  7. Brinell number measure of the hardness of a material
  8. levy en masse the act of drafting into military service
  9. iron foundry a foundry where cast iron is produced
  10. learner someone who learns or takes up knowledge or beliefs
  11. learnedness profound scholarly knowledge
  12. learning the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge
  13. Martin Van Buren 8th President of the United States (1782-1862)
  14. real number any rational or irrational number
  15. inventor someone who is the first to think of or make something
  16. graven image a material effigy that is worshipped
  17. turn over cause to overturn from an upright or normal position
  18. parts inventory an inventory of replacement parts
  19. uranium ore any ore from which uranium can be extracted
  20. nonvenomous not producing venom