1. integrity an undivided or unbroken completeness with nothing wanting
  2. indigenous originating where it is found
  3. indicator a device for showing the operating condition of some system
  4. indignant angered at something unjust or wrong
  5. Indigofera genus of tropical herbs and shrubs having odd-pinnate leaves and spurred flowers in long racemes or spikes
  6. indweller a person who inhabits a particular place
  7. integral existing as an essential constituent or characteristic
  8. Indian cholera an acute intestinal infection caused by ingestion of contaminated water or food
  9. indicatory (usually followed by `of') pointing out or revealing clearly
  10. inductor an electrical device (typically a conducting coil) that introduces inductance into a circuit
  11. handcolor color by hand
  12. appendicular relating to or consisting of an appendage or appendages
  13. indexer someone who provides an index
  14. indicate designate a place, direction, person, or thing
  15. indigo bird small deep blue North American bunting
  16. undeclared not announced or openly acknowledged
  17. lenticular convex on both sides; shaped like a lentil
  18. articular relating to or affecting the joints of the body
  19. window cleaner someone who cleans windows for pay
  20. indicative pointing out or revealing clearly