1. abstract existing only in the mind
  2. intractable difficult to manage or mold
  3. intricate having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate
  4. interrogative relating to sentences that ask a question
  5. interactive capable of influencing each other
  6. indirectness having the characteristic of lacking a true course toward a goal
  7. interrogate pose a series of questions to
  8. intractably in an intractable manner
  9. interact do something together or with others
  10. indestructible not easily ruined
  11. Notoryctus type genus of the family Notoryctidae: comprising solely the marsupial mole
  12. interrogatory relating to the use of or having the nature of an interrogation
  13. unattractive not appealing to the senses
  14. interrogator a questioner who is excessively harsh
  15. T-network a circuit formed by two equal series circuits with a shunt between them
  16. Satyendra Nath Bose Indian physicist who with Albert Einstein proposed statistical laws based on the indistinguishability of particles; led to the description of fundamental particles that later came to be known as bosons
  17. Antarctica an extremely cold continent at the south pole almost entirely below the Antarctic Circle; covered by an ice cap up to 13,000 feet deep
  18. Dendroctonus genus of small bark beetles destructive especially to mature conifers
  19. Antarctic the region around the south pole: Antarctica and surrounding waters
  20. identity crisis distress and disorientation (especially in adolescence) resulting from conflicting pressures and uncertainty about one's self and one's role in society