Globalization is the process of ideas, products, and people moving around the planet with greater ease and efficiency. Globalization takes advantage of cheaper labor in less developed nations but increases free trade between nations and the free flow of capital.

Globalization has transcended its traditionally economic concept to be used in many different ways now. The globalization of Barbie began with the opening of a Barbie boutique in Beijing. Use globalization anytime a trend spreads beyond its expected boundaries, reaches beyond expected populations. "At your high school, girls started a trend of wearing hard hats to school every day. Your cousin in Austria mentions girls doing it there. You can joke that the trend has 'gone global.'"

Definitions of globalization
  1. noun
    growth to a global or worldwide scale
    “the globalization of the communication industry”
    synonyms: globalisation
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    type of:
    economic process
    any process affecting the production and development and management of material wealth




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