1. courtesy a considerate and respectful manner
  2. Carduus genus of annual or perennial Old World prickly thistles
  3. cards a game played with playing cards
  4. Garuda a supernatural eagle-like being that serves as Vishnu's mount
  5. gratis costing nothing
  6. garrulous full of trivial conversation
  7. Gordius legendary king of ancient Phrygia who was said to be responsible for the Gordian knot
  8. cords cotton trousers made of corduroy cloth
  9. grits coarsely ground corn that is boiled
  10. groats the hulled and crushed grain of various cereals
  11. courteous characterized by politeness and gracious good manners
  12. guardhouse a military facility that serves as the headquarters for military police and in which military prisoners can be detained
  13. Karaites a Jewish sect that recognizes only the Hebrew Scriptures as the source of divinely inspired legislation and denies the authority of the postbiblical tradition of the Talmud; the sect arose in Iraq in the eighth century
  14. gravitas formality, dignity, or seriousness
  15. cardhouse an unstable construction with playing cards
  16. gratuitous unnecessary and unwarranted
  17. Curtiss United States industrialist and aviation pioneer (1878-1930)
  18. Cortes Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztecs and conquered Mexico (1485-1547)
  19. Curtis English botanical writer and publisher (1746-1799)
  20. Grotius Dutch jurist and diplomat whose writings established the basis of modern international law (1583-1645)