1. foreshadowing the act of providing vague advance indications
  2. greyish-pink of pink tinged with grey
  3. free-swimming (of animals) able to swim about; not attached
  4. free living a lifestyle given to easy indulgence of the appetites
  5. fire watching (during World War II in Britain) watching for fires started by bombs that dropped from the sky
  6. grayish-pink of pink tinged with grey
  7. fresh bean beans eaten before they are ripe as opposed to dried
  8. fire pink perennial herb of eastern North America, having red flowers with narrow notched petals
  9. horsewhipping the act of whipping with a horsewhip
  10. shipping the commercial enterprise of moving goods and materials
  11. free-living not parasitic on another organism
  12. free-thinking unwilling to accept authority or dogma
  13. marsh pink any of several pink-flowered marsh plant of the eastern United States resembling a true centaury
  14. overlapping with a design in which one element covers a part of another
  15. shopping searching for or buying goods or services
  16. creeping a slow mode of locomotion on hands and knees or dragging the body
  17. tripping moving easily and quickly; nimble
  18. gripping capable of arousing and holding the attention
  19. dripping extremely wet
  20. chipping the act of chipping something