1. natural resources resources (actual and potential) supplied by nature
  2. extraneous not belonging to that in which it is contained
  3. extraneousness unrelatedness by virtue of falling outside the matter at hand
  4. extraordinariness the quality of being extraordinary and not commonly encountered
  5. labor resources resources of available manpower
  6. extrasensory seemingly outside normal sensory channels
  7. land resources natural resources in the form of arable land
  8. extraordinary highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable
  9. extraterrestrial originating, located, or occurring outside Earth
  10. natural resource material in the environment that can be used by people
  11. inner resource a resource provided by the mind or one's personal capabilities
  12. extraversive directed outward
  13. mineral resources natural resources in the form of minerals
  14. monetary resource assets in the form of money
  15. extraversion an extroverted disposition
  16. exteriorise make external or objective, or give reality to
  17. extraverted being concerned with the social and physical environment
  18. extrovert a person directed toward others as opposed to the self
  19. pecuniary resource assets in the form of money
  20. Aster arenosus common North American perennial with heathlike foliage and small white flower heads