1. Dreyfus French army officer of Jewish descent whose false imprisonment for treason in 1894 raised issues of anti-Semitism that dominated French politics until his release in 1906 (1859-1935)
  2. refuse show unwillingness towards
  3. defuse remove the triggering device from
  4. diffuse spread out; not concentrated in one place
  5. duress compulsory force or threat
  6. dress put on clothes
  7. profuse produced or growing in extreme abundance
  8. profess confess one's faith in, or allegiance to
  9. Dr. Seuss United States writer of children's books (1904-1991)
  10. devious turning away from a straight course
  11. truss a rigid framework of beams that supports a structure
  12. perfuse force a fluid through (a body part or tissue)
  13. nervous of or relating to a system of sensory apparatus
  14. direful causing fear or dread or terror
  15. doofus a stupid incompetent person
  16. tress a hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair
  17. grievous causing or marked by grief or anguish
  18. previous just preceding something else in time or order
  19. dressy related to or wearing fancy clothing
  20. preface a short introductory essay preceding the text of a book