1. Crosby United States singer and film actor (1904-1977)
  2. crossways transversely
  3. crosspiece a horizontal beam that extends across something
  4. crossbow a bow fixed transversely on a wooden stock grooved to direct the arrow (quarrel)
  5. crossbar long thin horizontal crosspiece between two vertical posts
  6. crossbones two crossed bones used as a symbol danger or death
  7. crosswise transversely
  8. crossbeam a horizontal beam that extends across something
  9. Chrysemys painted turtles
  10. crossness an irritable petulant feeling
  11. crossbill finch with a bill whose tips cross when closed
  12. cross bit a rock drill having cruciform cutting edges; used in mining
  13. cross bun moderately sweet raised roll containing spices and raisins and citron and decorated with a cross-shaped sugar glaze
  14. grosbeak any of various finches of Europe or America having a massive and powerful bill
  15. crucible a vessel used for high temperature chemical reactions
  16. Prosopis genus of tropical or subtropical branching shrubs or trees: mesquite
  17. cross a marking that consists of lines that intersect each other
  18. crustose (of lichens) having a thin crusty thallus that adheres closely to the surface on which it is growing
  19. crosshairs a network of lines in the eyepiece of an optical instrument
  20. chrysalis pupa of a moth or butterfly enclosed in a cocoon