Canadian province

Canadian provinces

Definitions of Canadian province
  1. noun
    Canada is divided into 12 provinces for administrative purposes
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    one of the three prairie provinces in western Canada; rich in oil and natural gas and minerals
    British Columbia
    a province in western Canada
    one of the three prairie provinces in central Canada
    New Brunswick
    a province in southeastern Canada
    Newfoundland and Labrador
    a Canadian province on the island of Newfoundland and on the mainland along the coast of the Labrador Sea; became Canada's 10th province in 1949
    Nova Scotia
    the Canadian province in the Maritimes consisting of the Nova Scotia peninsula and Cape Breton Island; French settlers who called the area Acadia were exiled to Louisiana by the British in the 1750s and their descendants are know as Cajuns
    a prosperous and industrialized province in central Canada
    Prince Edward Island
    an island in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence; the smallest province of Canada
    the largest province of Canada; a French colony from 1663 to 1759 when it was lost to the British
    one of the three prairie provinces in west central Canada
    type of:
    province, state
    the territory occupied by one of the constituent administrative districts of a nation
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