1. Annie Oakley United States sharpshooter who was featured in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (1860-1926)
  2. enigma something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained
  3. unequally in an unequal or partial manner
  4. ankle a gliding joint between the tibia and fibula
  5. angle the space between two lines or planes that intersect
  6. angel spiritual being attendant upon God
  7. uniquely so as to be unique
  8. unequal poorly balanced or matched in quantity or value or measure
  9. winkle edible marine gastropod
  10. Angel the highest waterfall
  11. Angle a member of a Germanic people who conquered England and merged with the Saxons and Jutes to become Anglo-Saxons
  12. own goal (soccer) a goal that results when a player inadvertently knocks the ball into the goal he is defending
  13. innocuous not injurious to physical or mental health
  14. inkle a linen tape used for trimming as a decoration
  15. Angola a republic in southwestern Africa on the Atlantic Ocean
  16. Onoclea one species: sensitive fern
  17. jungle an impenetrable equatorial forest
  18. unique the single one of its kind
  19. uncle the brother of your father or mother
  20. jingle a metallic sound