1. American lotus water lily of eastern North America having pale yellow blossoms and edible globular nutlike seeds
  2. American toad common toad of America
  3. American elder common elder of central and eastern North America bearing purple-black berries; fruit used in wines and jellies
  4. American holly an evergreen tree
  5. American Falls a part of Niagara Falls in western New York
  6. American cheese hard smooth-textured cheese
  7. emery cloth cloth covered with powdered emery
  8. Americanize make American in character
  9. empirical derived from experiment and observation rather than theory
  10. Americanise make American in character
  11. American cress of southwestern Europe; cultivated in Florida
  12. American Dream the widespread aspiration of Americans to live better than their parents did
  13. Myricales coextensive with the family Myricaceae
  14. American hop native American plant sometimes confused with the European hop
  15. overclothes clothing for use outdoors
  16. Everglades a large subtropical swamp in southern Florida that is noted for its wildlife
  17. Ericales Ericaceae
  18. Hemerocallis east Asian rhizomatous clump-forming perennial herbs having flowers on long leafless stalks; cosmopolitan in cultivation: day lilies; sometimes placed in subfamily Hemerocallidaceae
  19. American white oak large slow-growing deciduous tree of the eastern United States having stout spreading branches and leaves with usually 7 rounded lobes; yields strong and durable hard wood
  20. arteria glutes branches of the internal iliac artery that supply the hip joint and gluteal region