With Valentine's Day fast approaching, now is the time to brush up on words to impress your sweetheart, or simply boost your vocab with some love-related words.

Whatever your ultimate goal, when looking for "love" words, a great place to start is with the Latin root amor and the Greek philos. Check out the new list of 14 words derived from these two roots that we've lovingly curated.

Amor means "love" in Latin — it was the Latin name for the Greek god Cupid — and you can see its direct descendants in the Spanish and Portuguese amor, the French amour, and the Italian amore, of "That's amore" fame. As a morpheme, amor gives us great lover-ly words like amorous, paramourenamoured, and, for fans of Veronica Roth's Divergent series, amity.

But you'll also find useful words with the amor root not directly associated with feelings of romantic or even person-to-person love. An amateur, for example, is someone engaged in an activity for the love of it, as opposed to professionally.

Words derived from Greek philos can also show this indirect connection to flowers-and-candy love. A philanthropist is someone gives money away to others because he loves (philo-) mankind (anthropo). A philosopher is someone who loves (philo-) knowledge (sophia).

And if you're not feeling so classically minded, check out our romantic vocabulary list, "Love Letter Words for Valentine's Day."