While discussing her memoir Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl on NPR's Fresh Air, Sleater-Kinney co-founder Carrie Brownstein used the word inchoate to describe her younger self.

When I was 16, 17 years old, …for the first time, I heard my story being explained to me, being sung to me. And there is such an inarticulateness that I possessed in some ways. And I just felt so inchoate as a person. And I felt like things were being filled in for me, that all of the elements in my life that couldn't be explained that I didn't have the words for were suddenly given a shape, that I had a soundtrack, that I was being seen. 

Brownstein, who is also a co-creator and co-star with Fred Armisen of the IFC TV comedy series "Portlandia," peppers her speech with unusual, and highly sophisticated vocabulary that her fans, or fans of words in general, will want to pay attention to.

Later in the interview, she used trenchant when she explained the Sleater-Kinney sound. 

I wanted the guitar to feel weaponized. I wanted it to be analogous to a voice that I didn't yet have and may never have, which is to harness volume and a sense of the caustic and power and to interweave that occasionally with melody so that it's something people can latch onto or be carried away by, that it could tell stories and sing on my behalf. And I wanted it to be trenchant, also a little scary. So yeah, that - I guess that's the sound I was going for. I don't usually have to describe it, but that's my attempt to.

To call attention to Brownstein's sensitive care with her word choices, we pulled inchoate, trenchant and eight other words into a vocabulary list:

Vocabulary List: Carrie Brownstein on "Inchoate" Youth and the Search for "Trenchant" Meaning

Use the list's practice tab to answer questions on just these ten words. Select the "learn" button to master them through your overall Vocabulary.com word-learning program. Or, teachers, assign them to your teen students, who will find much to relate to in the example sentences pulled from Brownstein's remarks.