Say you’ve always had a hard time remembering that somnolent means sleepy, soporific means sleep-inducing, and sonorous means low and deeply resonant, such as the noise one makes when snoring.

If you play the Challenge long enough, you’ll eventually encounter these words. But you don’t have to wait. You can look them up in our Dictionary at any time, click "Learn," and you’ll begin to see them right away.

Learn every word you look up.
Say you come across emolument in a text you’re reading and don’t know what it means. Look it up in our Dictionary and, while you’re on the emolument page, click "Learn." You'll soon see emolument cropping up in the Challenge. If you play frequently, the next time you encounter emolument, you’ll feel like you’re meeting an old friend.

Tell us when you guess right.
Sometimes, when you’re playing the Challenge, you’ll guess at an assessment question and get it right. Click "Look Up," then "Learn" to let us know you don’t actually know that word. Why? The more information you give us about what you don’t know, the better we can target what to give you next.

Have you found another great way to use this feature? Share your tip in the comments section below.

And keep in mind that adding a word to the Challenge is different from learning a Vocabulary List, where you learn just the words on that list.