A great back-to-school season starts now!

Keep students on track this summer with Vocabulary.com! These ready-made resources and fun activities make it easy to extend students' learning over the break so they'll be ready to go this fall.

Whether you're looking for recommended reading, curated vocabulary lists, adaptive activities, or fun-and-games, Vocabulary.com has you covered! 


Teacher's guide for summer implementation

Not only do we have the resources ready for you, we also have a teacher's guide full of ideas on how to implement these resources into summer learning. Vocabulary.com targets each learner’s vocabulary levels and provides personalized development - perfect for summer learning!

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Teaching Resources for Summer Reading

Assigning independent reading this summer? Explore dozens of titles recommended for a wide range of readers, each paired with curated vocab lists, adaptive activities, and self-grading assessments.



Cool Books for Hot Weather

Looking for great reads to recommend to your students? Whether they're headed to the beach or just looking to fill those long summer days, they'll want to pick up one of these engaging, high-interest novels.

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Short Fiction for Long Days

These quick reads by experts in the short story genre are sure to help you beat the summer heat. Breeze through these cool tales and then dip into our curated word lists.

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Fun, Focused Activities

Empower your students to learn at their own pace with personalized instruction that meets them where they are and propels them to the next level. These engaging, adaptive activities and reward effort, making learning less of a chore and more fun!


Friendly Competition

Motivation is key, and Vocabulary.com's gamified activities make it rewarding and fun for students to put in the effort it takes to grow and learn.