Here's how to use to prepare your students to read and interpret primary documents.

In this video, you'll see how you can take text from any primary document, paste it into our list making tool, and instantly create adaptive vocabulary learning activities from the text. We'll instantly create a list of the vocabulary words that are critical to understanding the text (you can customize the list too) along with definitions and example sentences taken from the text.

Then, just assign the list to any class that you've created on, and your students will be assigned an adaptive practice activity.

What's an adaptive practice activity? It's an exercise that will take a few minutes for your students to complete, but will ensure that they're ready to comprehend the text you've assigned. First, we'll expose each student to a few questions on every word in the list. Then, we'll automatically work with them more on any words that they struggle with. Trouble words are also automatically added to each student's individual learning program. That way, even after they complete the practice activity, we'll make sure that they master any trouble words as they continue to use

So, if you think your students would be better prepared to read the Declaration of Independence if they first knew what words like unalienableconsanguinity and perfidy mean, we hope you'll create your free educator account and give it a try.