Looking for quality resources to enrich your teaching and boost your students' reading comprehension?

Vocabulary.com offers a wealth of ready-made vocabulary resources to pair with the books that your students are reading across a wide range of genres. From dystopian literature to graphic novels, from non-fiction to science fiction, there are thousands of titles in our list library to choose from, and we're adding more each week.

To help you get started, our curriculum team offers the following recommendations for middle grade and high school readers, each paired with a collection of corresponding vocabulary lists that you can assign to prep students for close reading.

Explore Ready-Made Resources for These Genres:

Dystopian Literature
Fantasy Fiction (Middle Grades)
Fantasy Fiction (High School)
Graphic Texts
Historical Fiction (Middle Grades)
Historical Fiction (High School)
Memoir and Autobiography
Science Fiction

Explicit, Text-Based Vocabulary Instruction

Our curated word lists make it quick and easy for teachers to assign engaging activities that expose students to the specific words they'll encounter in each book. That way, readers are prepared to tackle the language they'll come across in their independent reading.

Authentic Examples, Relevant Context

For each book, the Vocabulary.com curriculum team develops a collection of vocabulary lists, extracting the words that are most essential for strong reading comprehension. The terms on each list are presented in carefully chosen excerpts from the original source text, ensuring that students learn through authentic examples and relevant context.

Easier Teaching, Better Learning

With Vocabulary.com, there's no need to spend hours scouring each chapter for the "hardest" words, correcting a pile of tedious assignments, and grading quizzes. Start with our quality, ready-made lists, and in just a few minutes you can create a series of practice assignments to align with any book. Your students will get engaging, adaptive assignments that they can work on independently. When it's time to assess, just use Vocabulary.com's self-grading quiz feature, then export the scores with our handy grade book.

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