Vocabulary.com was designed to be the backbone of a classroom-based vocabulary curriculum. It was also designed to be easy to start using. Here's how to get started quickly — no manual required!

1. Assign our game and we'll teach your students high-impact words they don't already know. 

To get started, students login at Vocabulary.com, answer the first question they see and go from there. As opposed to flash cards, which repeat questions on words in a random order whether you need help with them or not, Vocabulary.com tailors a learning experience that’s just right for each player. 

2. Make in-class lookups electronic. 

The Vocabulary.com Dictionary is loaded with learning resources. Every page gives you synonyms, antonyms, "type of" information, usage examples drawn from the real world, pronunciation, and a word "family" diagram. And for most words, we include a custom-written blurb; your students will feel like a teacher is giving them that little nugget of knowledge that makes the word stick in their brains. 

3. Check out our bank of ready-made literature lists.

Look through our collection of literature lists for a teacher-made vocabulary list drawn from a text you're reading in class. Then have your students play the Vocabulary.com game with just those words by clicking "Learn this List."

4. Bring your word wall into the 21st century. 

Using the "Add to List" button on the Dictionary page, ask your students to create a list called "My Word Look-Up Journal." Do the same for words you all look up together in class. 

Want to go a little deeper? Watch this three minute introduction to Vocabulary.com, check out other videos here, or watch one teacher's PowerPoint presentation on Vocabulary.com.